Static Mixer

The Static Mixer(SMX)s which is In-Line Mixture Facility are used for homogenization of different liquid, gas or grain components by Elements which can make flow division, rotational circulation and radial mixing inside pipe line. FTE's Static Mixers are fixed on mixing element of various types in flow Pipe according to fluid flow condition. Static Mixer does not have moving part & rotating part on equipment component, and maintenance is easy. But must consider fully some problem because elasticity is not enough when design the first time.

Fluid flow pattern and mixture

Mixing element twists plate of square form by 180˚ and connects right side element and left side element by right angle of 90˚ each. (figure 1.) Fluid flow in pipe is divided into 2 streams by the 1st element, and divided into 4 streams again by the 2nd element. Usually, each element's length is produced about 1.5

times of diameter(d) and 6 elements installed in the case of standard type Static Mixer.

The number that fluid flow is divided increase sharply according to number of Mixing element as shown figure 2. Flow number (S) that fluid flow is divided depending to mixing element and divided thickness of section fluid flow (d) are as following.

Where, n: Number of element, ID: Diameter of pipe inside



The stream of fluid that is divided by mixing element installed in flow pipe flowing element’s around and mixed between two components as figure 3.

Mixing element shape makes promote mixing between two fluids with rotate to flow pipe's center direction as shown figure 4.


  • Static Mixer has easy process control and high productivity by continuation of mixing process, simplification, moment mixture etc.
  • Static Mixer is possible mixing of various fluids from low viscosity to high viscosity.
  • Maintenance is easy because Static Mixer is no breakdown factor than machine mixing equipment and life span is semi-permanent.
  • Static Mixer is free to design that is fit in property of fluid by various and special element.
  • Because noise, shock, pulsation etc. are microscopic while Static Mixer operates, establishment and use are possible to what position among piping line.
  • Static Mixer's mixing element is designed to curve type by maximization of mixing efficiency and minimization of frictional resistance.
  • Static Mixer's mixing element can install by fixed type and separation type.
  • Static Mixer is free to mixing on liquid and liquid, liquid and air, fission and fission.


Static Mixer can use effectively to food process, edible oil and fat, pharmaceutical process, cosmetics, soap, fiber, paper chemistry and chemical apparatus, paint, shooting out, mixing addition of dyeing process, PH control etc.

Standard Specifications

  • Materials: Carbon steel, 304 SS, 316 SS, PVC, Teflon, PP, PE, FRP.
  • Number of elements: 6 ea
  • Element Installation: Fixed or removable
  • Connections: Flange (ANSI, DIN, JIS, KS, etc.,) threaded, Union, Welded, etc.

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