Water Ejector

Liquid jet ejectors are widely used in the marine of ballast pumps, bilge pumps, in tank mixer, heater and priming for large water pumps.

The water jet vacuum ejectors are designed for evacuating siphon lines, priming of column and circulation pumps.

The Water jet ejectors are used to pumping out sumps (pit, tanks, etc).

Liquid jet mixers are jet pumps to batch mixing of oil, tank blending of oil or process utility. And the steam jet heaters are used in the direct connection water and steam lines for noiseless heating of the melt industry, warm water for pickling and wash.

1. Water jet ejectors.

2. Water jet solids pumps

3. Liquid jet air ejector: honam petrochemical

4. Water jet sluge drain pumps
water ejector5
water ejector6
water ejector7
water ejector8
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