Steam Heater

A steam jet injector is used to produce hot water by directly injecting steam into the cooling water. When the steam is jetted into the cooling water at high speed through the injection nozzle, the steam is condensed by the cooling water and then hot water is produced by the latent heat of vaporization. It gives excellent heat transfer effect thanks to the heat exchange between the steam and cooling water.

The principles of operation are as follows in figure 1 below: The steam supplied through the injection nozzle is heated to a high temperature through mixture and condensation with the cooling water in the condensate nozzle. The speed of the hot water is reduced when the water passes the diffuser and the water is supplied to the process with increasing pressure. It is necessary to control the steam supply in order to accurately control the temperature of the hot water. Due to the changed volume and high temperature during the condensate process, it is necessary to design the injector taking noise and vibration into account.


- Noiseless operation

- Simple construction

- No moving part & maintenance free

- High operating safety

- Large capacity

- Large range of control temperature


- Circulation heating (Heating water for fresh water generator)

- Batch process (Warm water for wash & bathroom, barrel rinse, sparge water in the melt industry)

Working range

- Maximum heating temperature 30

- Turn-down ration 5 : 1

- Steam pressure = Discharge pressure

Steam Heater-2
Steam Heater
Steam Heater-1
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