Pivot Joint Type

The Float-Tek Pivot Joint Type Roof Drain System design is combined with the composite flexible hose and reinforced side steel plates. The composite flexible hose is designed with inner and outer stainless steel wire helixes for hose reinforcement to resist internal and external pressures. Multiple internal layers of elastomeric materials ensure 100% resistance to product permeation through the hose.

Side steel plates are available in galvanized steel or as an option in stainless steel and redistribute the load around the flexible hose to be the best product.

Flexible Pivot joint design can be applied in floating roof drain, floating suction and oil skimmer systems. Its straight-line hose structure eliminates possible interference problems and hose twisted.

  • Fixed position
  • No interference problems
  • No damage with tank turbulence
  • No lubrication required
  • Free water flow due to continuous slope
  • High operating pressure
  • Stress-free and load-free hose and connections
  • Compatible with an extensive product range
  • Long Service Life
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy Installation
  • Short Delivery Period
  • Cost Efficiency
  • 100% Aromatic Resistance
  • Standard size 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” or customized
TTS_Pivot Joint-2
TTS_Pivot Joint-1
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