Flexible Drain Pipe

  1. The flexible pipe is made by metal spiral wound skeleton layer, nylon sealing layer and metal joint.
  2. The material of skeleton layer is stainless steel, and its features are flexibility, rigidity and high-pressure resistance.
  3. The nylon sealing layer is thermoplastic sheath which is leak-proof with 100% aromatic resistance.    
  4. The metal joint is connected mutually with withhold way. It can be fastened tightly between joint and pipe to have strong strength.
  5. The joints at both sides are flange, ANSI B16.5 1501b RF flanges or as per request.
  6. The working pressure for long term can be 0.6MPa.
  • Flexible Drain Pipe System/Foam Delivery System for External Floating Roof
  • Foam Delivery System for internal Floating Roof
  • Flexible Pipe for Floating Suction/ Oil Skimmer System


  • The flexible pipe is one continuous length without connection or ballasting. 
  • Fixed trajectory with repeatable lay patterns, and it can be predicted completely. The flexible pipe will lay on the tank floor in the same place.
  • The character of flexibility and rigidity are consisted. The structure of steel wound is high pressure resistance and excellent bending features.
  • The flexible pipe never interferes the internal tank, even the floating roof.
  • Can be used in most oil tanks, including aromatic hydrocarbon oil with 100% aromatic resistance.


  • Fixed trajectory & no ballasting
  • No interfere with tank internal
  • Drainage smoothly
  • Long service life & no maintenance needed
  • Fast installation

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