Core-glued Honeycomb Type (CGHC)

Full liquid surface contacted type of internal floating roof to be one of the most recent trend worldwide, not just for safety, but also for economic benefit and environmental friendly. Float-Tek patented Core-glued Honeycomb Type Internal Floating Roof (CGHC) is featured with outstanding tray design and advanced technology, and offers the strong structure strength and high efficiency.

From the idea of “Steady” tray combination by full contact with the storage products, the CGHC is designed a unique “Tray Combination” type of honeycomb floating deck without vapor space in order to reach higher sealing efficiency. The CGHC is economical, beneficial choice and offers the highest enclosure.
  • Full Liquid mounted design, sealing efficiency up to 99%
  • Meet NFPA® 11
  • Strong structure strength
  • Fast Installation
  • All parts can be pass through the tank manhole
  • No maintenance required
  • No hot-work required
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