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In 1998, Float-Tek was founded in Taiwan with the objective of providing better technology to the Geodesic Dome, Floating roofs, Seal systems & tank accessories in the market of above-ground storage tank. Until today, Float-Tek has more than 1,000 references worldwide.


With a view to reducing emissions, increasing working capacity, enhancing tank safety and system efficiency, Float-Tek provides VOCs total solutions for clients to make their tank operations more efficient, productive and profitable.


Float-Tek Products

Internal Floating Roof
Core-welded Honeycomb panel
Geodesic Dome
Roof Drain System / Fire-Fighting Foam Delivery System
Tank Seal
Oil Skimmer / Floating Suction System
API Separator Cover
Tank accessories
Gauge Pole Cover
Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP)
Expansion Joint
Leg Boot

Design, Consultant, Manufacture Installation & Maintenance

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